What is Men’s Health SQUAD membership?

A brand-new health and fitness membership from the makers of Men’s Health that will help you get fitter, faster, leaner, stronger, healthier, and happier.

Whatever your goal, whatever your starting point, you belong in the Men’s Health SQUAD. Come and join us. It’s time to unlock your true potential.

Why become a Men’s Health SQUAD full-access member?

World-class coaches at your fingertips - meet the Men’s Health Elite

Our band of first-class trainers and athletes individually recruited to have your back and guide you in your fitness journey – think of them as your new PTs. Find out more about each of the Men’s Health Elite below:

  1. Andrew Tracey

    Credentials: Men’s Health Fitness Editor and top-flight trainer

    Favourite Move: Any EMOM. Just press play and you’re off. If it’s got a bench press in it, it is so much better

    Rest Day Plan: Pizza and Star Wars

    Mantra: You are not your gym membership
  2. Zack George

    Credentials: Elite CrossFit athlete, UK No.1 in the 2020 CrossFit open

    Favourite Move: I do like handstand push-ups, but I’ll say chest-to-bar pull-ups, AKA real pull-ups

    Rest Day Plan: 100% doughnuts

    Mantra: Remember, pain is temporary
  3. Tom Kemp

    Credentials: Founder of Farm Fitness and award-winning strongman

    Favourite Move: The Famer’s Walk. Nothing prepares you better for carrying your partner’s suitcases on holiday

    Rest Day Plan: A good burger and taking the dogs for a walk

    Mantra: Make it happen
  4. Gustavo Vaz Tostes

    Credentials: Co-founder of CrossFit Posto 9 and head of training at WIT Fitness

    Favourite Move: “CrossFitty” stuff – anything that combines gymnastics, barbells cycling and cardio

    Rest Day Plan: A burger in one hand, a cider in the other!

    Mantra: Have as much fun
  5. Leon Bustin

    Credentials: Co-creator of The Lean Machines, Level-3 Personal trainer and sports nutrition coach

    Favourite Move: I like a clear objective, so “for time” or EMOM sessions work best

    Rest Day Plan: A double wrap from Nando’s

    Mantra: Don’t stop playing
  6. John Chapman

    Credentials: Co-creator of The Lean Machines, Author and CrossFit Level-1 coach

    Favourite Move: Olympic lifting with big tunes and even bigger people is always a winner

    Rest Day Plan: Indian food, Guinness and Lord of the Rings

    Mantra: Always be better than yesterday
  7. Faisal Abdalla

    Credentials: Celebrity PT and master trainer for Nike and Barry’s Bootcamp

    Favourite Move: Barbell snatch. There is nothing like pulling yourself under and catching it right!

    Rest Day Plan: Burgers, milkshake and a Marvel Film

    Mantra: Master your mindset
  8. Scott Britton

    Credentials: Powerlifter, CrossFit competitor, founder of Battle Cancer

    Favourite Move: Deadlift – the king of lifts! A 3x bodyweight deadlift is my biggest sporting achievement

    Rest Day Plan: Pizza and history documentaries

    Mantra: Be stubborn

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