Frequently Asked Questions

Have a query regarding your magazine subscription, delivery or anything else. Please view our handy FAQ guide for us to help you address any questions you may have.

For additional help with digital magazines please visit

1. How do I change my address?

The easiest way to update your details is by logging into your account You may also contact us but please remember to include your full details including your subscription number.

2. What is my subscription number?

Your subscriber number is the 12 digit number that is used to identify you and your subscription. This unique number includes any preceding zeros and it can be found above your name and address on your monthly magazine and on all correspondence that we send to you. If you don't have your subscription number and need it don't worry, click here to contact us to request it.

3. Can I request a refund?

If you would like a refund please contact us within the first 14 days of placing your order. If a complimentary gift is included as part of the subscription offer, we reserve the right to request the return of the gift/value of the gift in the event of an early cancellation of the subscription. If you purchased a product such as a calendar, bookazine, beauty box or diary, you will need to return the item in order for us to process your refund.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We also accept Credit/Debit Card, PayPal and Direct Debit (UK only).

5. I have paid for my subscription by direct debit, how frequently are the payments made? Will I be notified each time a payment is taken?

We will deduct one payment per term, for example if you purchased a 12 month Direct Debit subscription we would take a one off payment within 2 weeks of purchase and then again after 12 months. You will receive the payment schedule at the time of order.

6. Will you confirm acceptance of my order?

In all cases where possible we will send email within 2 hours of placing an order, we'll also send a send confirmation email within 24 hours once your payment has been received. If we don't have an email address, then we will send a written confirmation through the post within 7-10 working days. Please note, this doesn’t mean despatch of your magazine. Depending on when you order your magazine, you should expect to receive it within 2-6 weeks.

7. I'm having trouble logging into my account. What should I do?

Check that you have entered your subscription number correctly. This is provided on any of the correspondence that we have sent you (please see what is my subscription number?) Check that you have selected the correct magazine that you are enquiring about. Make sure that you have selected the correct payer of the subscription, whether it is a subscription paid for by yourself or paid by someone else. If you are still unsuccessful logging in, please click here to contact our customer service team.

8. I am having trouble purchasing a subscription online, how else can I buy one?

Please contact our customer service team and they will help you with your subscription.

9. What is the price in USD$ or other currencies?

Prices will be converted by your Credit Card Company at the current rate of exchange.

10. What do you do with my personal information?

We use your personal information provided (e.g. name, address, email address) to process your subscription order. Hearst Magazines UK is committed to protecting your privacy and we abide by a strict Privacy Policy regarding the Personal Data we collect from users of our services. Through our online subscription order form and over the telephone we will ask you about receiving details of our magazines and services and/or those of their parties which may be of interest to you. When we have your permission, we may disclose this information to selected service providers and agents for these purposes. Please see our privacy policy on for further details.

11. Why should I subscribe?

By subscribing to your favourite Hearst magazine you will get a better deal than buying from a retailer. Plus, we'll deliver it straight to your door before it's available in the shops, meaning you get to see all the new tips and trends before anyone else. We'll even let you know your subscription is about to run out so you can reorder and keep receiving it seamlessly without missing an issue. If you are paying by direct debit, you will receive your magazine continuously and seamlessly without any interruptions.

12. How do I renew my subscription?

Whether you are taking out a subscription for yourself or as a gift, we will send you a reminder before the end of your subscription. Nothing will be sent to the recipient unless their subscription expires. To renew a subscription,  click here Alternatively you can type in the URL given on the renewal letter and renew online today or call the customer services team on (UK) 01858438838 to take advantage of your exclusive offer. Please note, if you have subscribed via Direct Debit, your payments will be taken automatically so no need to renew.

13. When will my subscription expire?

If you have paid for your subscription with a credit/debit card it will be at the end of your term purchased, you can view these details by logging into your account once logged in, you'll be able to see the status of your subscription, and update your personal details.

14. I've stopped receiving my magazine subscription, what should I do?

To check the status of your account and to ensure your subscription has not expired, please login to your account which will allow you to manage your subscription online. Alternatively, you can contact us or phoning 01858438838 and one of our team members will be able to look into your account for you to find out the cause of this matter.

15. My subscription included a free gift but I've received something different. What do I do?

The free gift with a subscription is subject to change if a limited supply is available, as stipulated in the terms and conditions, for all our offers. If we reach the limit for a particular gift we will endeavour to replace this with a similar item of the same value. If, however, you genuinely feel you have received the wrong gift please contact us.

16. My subscription included a free gift. Who will it be sent to and when? If I've ordered a magazine for someone else who gets the free gift?

The free gift will always be sent to the person who purchased the subscription so you can choose whether to give this to the recipient of the subscription or keep it yourself!. Please allow up to 28 working days for delivery. If you don't receive the gift after 28 working days please contact us. We will send you an email when the gift has been despatched from our warehouse. Overseas subscribers are regrettably not currently eligible for the free gifts included in our offers.

17. My subscription included a gift but I now have my magazine and haven't received my gift, what do I do?

If you don't receive your gift after 28 working days of purchasing your subscription please contact our customer service team here contact us. We will send you an email notification when the gift has been despatched.

18. Can I transfer my subscription to a different magazine?

Yes, you may transfer your subscription to another Hearst magazine title at any time. Please contact us to transfer your remaining issues. Please note: The number of magazines in the subscription may change depending the offer you responded to and the price paid.

19. I live overseas. Can I still subscribe to one of your magazines?

Yes - we deliver all our titles overseas. To purchase an overseas subscription click on the magazine you want, select whether you want digital/bundle/print and then select your country on the price page which will then display the current offers for that magazine for an overseas subscriber. Please note, overseas delivery will take longer than UK delivery, so please allow an additional two weeks to receive your overseas copies. Don't forget, you can also subscribe to our digital version of the magazine which means you don't have to wait for delivery and you save money too.

20. I'm moving overseas and I am a current subscriber, can I still receive my subscription when I move? How do I organize this?

Yes, you can transfer your address to an overseas subscription by contacting us Please note, due to overseas delivery charges, your subscription price will be increased.

21. If I'm giving a gift subscription, do you send anything to the recipient?

No, all communication will be sent to you to pass on. If you purchase a digital subscription or bundle, you will receive instructions in your confirmation email and you will need to forward this to your friend in order for them to activate their subscription.

22. I purchased my subscription through Groupon / Living Social and have a query Who do I speak to?

In the first instance, please refer to your confirmation email sent from groupon/living social which should include a unique URL and voucher code. Please enter the voucher code in the box provided. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us

23. I purchased my subscription through Tesco and have a query with my activation, who do I speak to about this?

IIn the first instance, please refer to your confirmation email sent from Tesco which should include a unique URL and voucher code. Please note, change cannot be given for overpayment with voucher codes, so please ensure the subscription value equals or exceeds your voucher code value. Please enter the voucher code in the box provided. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us.

24. Can I cancel my subscription?

For security reasons and in order for us to process your cancellation, please submit your cancellation request online here. In order to complete your request please follow the step-by-step guide below:

    • Step 1. Register or Sign-in to your online customer service account, using your customer number
    • Step 2. Click Contact Us in the navigation bar at the top homepage
    • Step 3. Select Cancelling my subscription from the enquiry drop down options
    • Step 4. Choose the most relevant reason for your cancellation request and submit your form

Once we receive your cancellation request you’ll receive an email confirming that your request has been processed.

If you paid for your subscription by Direct Debit this may be cancelled at any time, however depending on when you cancel, you may continue to receive monthly issues until the end of your last payment period.

25. I have accidentally purchased the wrong magazine size, can I change it?

Yes, you can contact us to change your magazine size at no charge.

26. I have a subscription voucher code, how do I activate my subscription?

You should have a bespoke URL for this promotion, you'll need to simply follow the steps and enter your unique code activate your subscription.

27. I bought a subscription voucher through the Hearst eBay store, but didn't receive my voucher?

Please email and forward your order confirmation email or send a message directly front eBay.

28. I bought a 6 or 12 month voucher, but didn't receive my order.

Please contact us and we'll investigate this for you.

29. When will my first issue arrive?

Your first issue would have been communicated to you at the time of ordering will normally start with the next available issue unless specified otherwise. Please allow up to six weeks for delivery of the first subscription issue for both UK & Overseas delivered subscriptions. To find out when your first issue will arrive please login to your account, Once logged in, you'll be able to see the status of your subscription. We will also send you an email to let you know that your issue is on its way, if we have your email address. All future delivery dates can be viewed here.

30. My issue hasn't arrived this month?

If this occurs please contact our customer service team. Once contacted, one of our agents will arrange for a replacement copy to be sent to you straight away.

31. My magazine has arrived damaged?

If this occurs please contact our customer service team. Once contacted, one of our agents will arrange for a replacement copy to be sent to you straight away.

32. What platforms/devices are your digital magazines currently available on?

All of our magazines are currently available on both Apple and Google Play apps.

33. Is the digital edition included within my subscription?

Unfortunately, if you are a current print subscriber it doesn't include a digital edition unless you have a print and digital subscription package.

34. How do I access my digital edition?

If you subscribed via, you would have received a confirmation email from us with a link directing you to activate your account. If you can’t find the email original email we sent. Please contact us and we’ll send this to you, once we verify your subscription. If you bought your subscription from directly through one of our magazine apps, you need to click app store purchases.

35. When does the latest digital issue become available?

The latest digital issue should be available on the same day and/or at the same time as the print copies arrives in the shops. Occasionally some titles go live after this date, but usually only by a day or two.

36. The magazine on sale in stores has a covermount gift but I haven't received one as a subscriber, should I have?

Unfortunately covermount gifts are not available to subscribers.

37. I'm a subscriber to Prima and I signed up for Prima pattern. I would like to receive a Prima pattern but didn't get one with my issue. What do I need to do?

Please click here to opt in for the Prima pattern online or contact our customer services team

38. How long will my Special/ Bookazines take to arrive?

It can take up to 7-10 working days for a delivery of your special edition

39. I have purchased a gift subscription and would like to send an e-card to the recipient, how can I do this?

If you would like to send a personalized e-card to the recipient, please click here to visit our e-card page. You will need to select the title you are gifting and can schedule to send the e-card immediately or on a set date. Once the e-card has been sent, it will be delivered to the recipients inbox on the chosen date.

40. I ordered a Beauty Box, when will it arrive?

Delivery takes roughly 5-7 working days from placing the order.

41. I ordered a Beauty Box will I receive an email confirming order?

Yes, once an order is dispatched, you will be sent a dispatch email to notify you.

42. What do I do if a Beauty Box is missing an item

If an item is missing or damaged, please email to stating your full name, order number, reason for return. Once we receive your request our Customer Service team will then be able to assist you and provide a suitable solution.

43. How do I return a Beauty Box

If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, please return your box in all the original packaging with your order details and proof of payment with ‘RETURN’ clearly marked on the outer box. Please note, in order to receive a full refund, the box and contents must not be used and in their original packaging. If the items are found to be used, Hearst reserve the right to refund. Return Address - Hearst Magazines, Tower House, Lathkill Street, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 9EF.