Digital Editions - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I buy a digital edition subscription?

You can buy our digital editions directly on where you will find the best deals on the market, click here for more details. Please note that digital editions are also included in all our membership packages which we offer on selected brands.

2. What platforms/devices are your digital magazines currently available on?

All of our magazines are currently available on both Apple and Google Play apps.

3. Will I still have access to my digital issues if I switch to another device?

Yes, you will if you purchased via 
If you switch to another device, simply download the app again on your new device and log in using your existing subscription information.

4. Will I have access to digital issues if I have a print subscription?

Digital editions are not included as part of the print-only subscription. However, you may be eligible for an upgrade to a Digital + Print subscription. To find out if you’re eligible please call our Customer Care Team on 01858 438 838 who will be able to check your eligibility and upgrade you if that option is available.

5. How do I access my digital edition?

If you subscribed via, you would have received a confirmation email from us with a link directing you to activate your account. If you can't find the original email we sent, please contact us and we'll send this to you, once we verify your subscription. 
If you bought your subscription directly through one of our magazine apps, you need to click app store purchases.

6. Will I have access to digital issues if I have a membership?

Yes! If you have an active membership, you can access the digital editions directly through the app. All you need to do is to download the app via the App Store or Google Play store and sign in using your customer number and email address. These instruction (including your customer number) will also be emailed to you after you purchase your membership via

7. Are back issues included in my subscription?

Your subscription includes the term length you selected at the point of purchase i.e 3 month or 12 months. However, if you purchased via we give you complimentary access to previous issues instantly so you're not waiting for the next issue to be published.

8. I can't find my issues over 12 months old

Unfortunately, as part of the app upgrades we can't guarantee that issues more than 12 months old will be available.

9. I am unable to download/access my issues within the app

If you purchased your subscription via please contact us and our customer care team will check your account to ensure you should have access. 
If you purchased your subscription within the app, please go to "Account" in the top right-hand corner and select "App Store Purchases". Scroll to the bottom and please click "Restore" button to fix this problem. 

10. Having technical problems?

We suggest you do the following:

  • Upgrade to the latest software on your device
  • Re-install the app

If this still doesn't work, please go into the app and click the icon in the top right-hand corner. Click "Settings" and then select "Need Help? Contact Us". This will open an email form which you’ll need to complete and send to us. This email will be forwarded onto our app developers, who will diagnose the issue your experiencing. A member of our team will get back to you with next steps and actions, which should hopefully resolve the issue.

11. Is the ipad edition available for international subscribers?

Yes. Our UK magazine editions are available to international subscribers via Click here for international prices.

12. Can I transfer my print subscription to any digital subscription?

Unfortunately, this isn't something we currently offer.

13. Why won't my issue download?

We recommend using a stable WI-FI connection whenever you download an issue.

14. Can I stream my digital magazine over a mobile network?

Yes. To do this just tap the cover and the streaming will commence. Please note that pages may take longer to render doing this. Also, you may increase data usage costs from your network provider. We would always recommend downloading your editions via WIFI and never via a mobile network, but the option's there if you wish.

15. If I delete an issue, can I download it again for free later?

Yes, you can archive an issue and re-download it at any time. Also, you can restore any purchases.

16. How do I cancel my digital subscription?

Direct Debit subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. However, depending on when you cancel, you will continue to receive monthly issues until the end of your last payment period. 
If you purchased via please contact us by email or phone and we'll cancel your subscription. If you purchased within the app, please contact the app provided.

17. Are digital magazines available internationally?

Yes. Our UK magazine editions are available to international subscribers via Click here for international prices.