Content Creation: Blogging, Vlogging & Beyond

These days, content creation including blogging and vlogging isn't just a hobby, it's a major business, even challenging the likes of television in terms of entertainment value.

Stars of content command thousands of loyal followers, and in turn large sponsorship deals, thanks to a relatively new industry that supports audiences' appetites for quality content; whether that's presented via blogs, website pages, social media posts, newsletters or indeed, video blogs.

Anyone can create content with a mobile phone and PC but few reach followers beyond their own social circles. What are the secrets of successful content creation? How do you stand out from the competition to make a big impact? How can you ensure that what you publish is effective and how you create engaging content that attracts new followers? Feedback from your tutors throughout the course to help make sure you're on-track.

Why this course?

This six-week online course will answer all these questions and give you an insiders know-how on how to position your blog or vlog, create engaging content, and scale your activities to keep up your growing followers base, transforming your personal online presence or your business.

Whether you have a passion you want to share with the world via a blog or vlog, or have content creation as part of your job, the course will provide you with an essential guide to managing blog/vlog spaces, creating a growth plan for your content, and optimising the tools available to you so that the content you publish can reach its full potential.

You'll be taught by industry-leading experts in digital marketing, and collaborate with your peers and get constructive feedback from your tutors throughout the course to help make sure you're on track.

What you'll learn

●    How to define your blog/vlog’s purpose, audience and brand

●    Benchmarks: who are the most relevant bloggers/vloggers in your sector, and what models of operation do they use?

●    Developing a strategy and business plan: defining your vision for the future and planning the steps to achieve it

●    Crafting the perfect online environment: layout, SEO, and media options

●    Making money: advertising and brand collaborations, invoicing, legal and brand considerations

●    Content curation: sourcing images and writing/filming content

●    Takeaways: key lessons learnt and ways into networks


Weekly overview

Week 1: Introduction to Blogging and Vlogging

●   Explore example blogs, and how their layouts, tone and aesthetics can shape how the audience engages with a blog.

●   Explore example vlogs, and how they are formatted and delivered to the audience.

●   Brainstorm content for a blog or vlog, and get those creative juices flowing.


Week 2: Building Your Blog

●   Set up your own blog using the blog hosting platform, Blogger. We will be building on your blog throughout the course..

●   Build a mission statement for your blog.

●   Build three content pillars for your blog.

●   Plan a blog post.


Week 3: Creating the Perfect Environment for Vlogging

●   Explain the foundational principles of vlogging.

●   Reflect and discuss on the environment, story and presentation of your vlog.

●   Acquire better confidence on camera.


Week 4: Metrics and Analytics - Understanding Your Audience

●   Find and read analytics data from Blogger and Youtube.

●   Develop an understanding of basic analytics terminology.

●   Critically consider the data you have access to, and ask meaningful research questions.


Week 5: Marketing & Making Money

●   Explain the variety of ways to make money from your blog or vlog, including affiliate marketing.

●   Critically reflect and identify the right monetization pathways for you and your brand.

●   Utilise your mission statement and analytics information to market your blog or vlog via a media kit.


Week 6: Social Media Strategy and the Future

●   Critically reflect and summarise what we have learned throughout the course.

●   Explore how to future-proof your block or vlog.

●   Discuss the foundational principles of social media strategy.

Who will you learn with?

Sophie began her career by assisting in developing, and delivering, the digital strategy for global brands including L'Oreal, Harrods and Sky. She has also lectured in Marketing at the University of the West of England, and at the University of East London.

In 2015, she was selected to undertake a fully funded PHD to examine the practices, and challenges for full time vloggers in the UK. Her industry experience and academic background means she is able to offer practical advice for creating and sustaining a blog or vlog, whilst allowing students to think critically about the nature of these media. Underpinning content creation in this vein allows students to be creative and reflexive, and to build something really unique and special, whether it is for their business or just for themselves.

Sophie Bishop - An established and experienced published writer and teacher

How do I study?

The course content includes presentations, interviews and case studies to ensure you understand what you're learning in real life with topics broken down into manageable chunks and made available to you on a weekly basis.

You'll learn, interact and collaborate with your classmates to open up your knowledge and skills to a range of perspectives and new opportunities. You can expect one hour of presented, online content with around 4 hours of self-study each week required to complete the content. The time and date of your one hour will be agreed between yourself and the tutor once the course starts.

Your online classroom is an easy to use, intuitive interface. Here you'll have access to the diverse range of materials that'll support and delivery your learning; all of which you'll be guided through by your expert tutor. You'll never feel alone in your online classroom, you'll be interacting, questioning and engaging regularly with your peers on the course as well as with your tutor. Ask the questions you need to, when you want to and gain valuable insights and perspectives from your peers as you share experiences, ideas and thoughts.

Here's what some of our students thought

"This course provided the motivation, knowledge and confidence to set up my own blog from scratch. Sophie is a super tutor, supportive, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks so much!"

"A great course that has left me much more prepared and motivated to develop this aspect of my work practice. Found an encouraging and friendly community here and the tutor was excellent. Highly recommend this as an investment in ongoing professional development."